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Emphasizing his words did say after the fire, but he did it because he loved the Blues deep love, may I have some fire. We all know how much I love the Club, I think the Club increased, I wish in the future to be part of the Club, that everyone knows. After 3 weeks, Chelsea home this Saturday against West Bromwich Albion. Chelsea fans before the game pulled the banner if you want atmosphere, let us stand up, Mourinho hit back and forth the criticism. Fans say, Chelsea West Brom battle, dkny bags ireland     blues fans created a huge wave of infinite power was sent to the team. Jose Mourinho's men were encouraged by Diego Costa and Azar each scored a goal, Chelsea beat rivals 2-0, opening 12 rounds undefeated, to continue in the League lead. Infection of the passion of the fans to the mussina, furuan has been tough for him to reassure fans, the atmosphere has been greatly improved, and I don't want to make the comparison. I don't want to talk about the atmosphere of the topic, in terms of good or bad aspects. Fans buy tickets is to win, not to being criticized, I let me talk about two weeks ago, apologize, change of atmosphere is evident. In Sturridge Hugh days, Rogers had no choice but to continue to rely on Mario Balotelli. However, God has no improvement, has so far failed to gain the Premiership debut goal. Rogers repeatedly defending Italy, and this attitude led to many of the core backbone of discontent.

World's leading sports brand PUMA officially joined forces with international superstar Rihanna, Rihanna, the two sides embarked on a long-term relationship of cooperation since January 2015. Rihanna will be the PUMA in 2015, global Ambassador for upcoming women's training series, as well as the Creative Director of PUMA women's products, her unique sensitivity and creativity into products of fashion design. Rihanna has been in front of a screen full of energy and creativity  dkny handbags ireland  on and off stage, the PUMA brand perfectly. In this partnership, Rihanna will be PUMA spokesman for upcoming women's training series. Fans were can looks forward to PUMA and Bud Hana cooperation by impact out of Sparks, both will common with innovation, and ahead of and jumped de General of way for interpretation, all clothing and shoes of design inspiration are will into bud Hana I of charm and she on sports and fashion of love, in PUMA of full support Xia put himself on trend of interpretation and creative in movement field played to extreme. Rihanna also serves as Creative Director of PUMA women's training series, PUMA products and creative teams work together to jointly build 2015 product series. All products in this series are designed to inspire women through training and other exercises, to have more confidence in themselves.




Allegri also two find ways to crack against the Bianconeri. To put it bluntly, is the sleeping to find ideal escorts, specific to the details, is to enrich Marchisio tactical tasks. Mascherano was not Davis as the Bulldog midfield interception capability but also first-class, it is likened to Juve's lung, but the footwork, in midfield and in coordination and ability to score Italy internationals not Netherlands under the legend, it is this universal characteristic, Allegri's tactical adjustment possible. 352 system, Juventus take advantage, even if pogba, Dahl and Claudio Marchisio often plug, Pirlo can be effectively protected. 4312 system is different, while fullbacks forward and midfield player, defensive ability and generally sit on the road, sleeping, basically unprotected once conceded or subjected to double-team, tend to become each other's back to start. To avoid this situation, embarrassing Uncle arrange Marchisio playing midfield position for the left midfield on the right side, as a result, midfield can form PI-Ma Dual cores, that can enrich the level of offense, routines, while Javier Mascherano's defensive capabilities and Pirlo formed the effective protection of the road. 

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