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Larger defensive injuries, making Inzaghi is determined to 433-4231 or modified 4411, to give possession of the ball, and look forward to a quick counterattack the enemy. As for Inzaghi, ready to produce two major variables in the Derby, starting with Nigel de Jong and Abarth confirmed absentees, followed by Walter mazzarri a fortnight, making for less handsome, not only in terms of personnel arrangements are restricted, originally tactical studies for inter need to reinvent the wheel, can be said to advance the video completely in vain. Although Mancini's tactical thinking more clearly, but combined with the inter squad will be what kind of effect is not clear. Apart from Nigel de Jong and Abarth, Brazil Defender Alex will be absent because of injury, Keisuke Honda because of continuous battle exhaustion, first, most likely as a substitute. Therefore, shuai will be 433-4231, in order to maximize the power of the Milan squad. The match, Inzaghi will focus on the defensive end, Daniele bonera and abate as well as Alex's absence, makes the Milan defense initiative when Inzaghi will make Lamy town right gate, Centre-back using a combination of Zapata and Philippe mexes. Winger Bonaventura and Chaaraoui on both sides will be given a strong defensive duties, 4231 formation becomes 4411 to a large extent, Muntari and Essien as dual-lumbar, appear in the position of attacking midfielder Manor will be given greater freedom, think of the La Gazzetta dello Sport, due to the 3 other frontcourt players will be subject to more rigorous on defense.

Asics hand in hand the United States well-known signs False Flag in Undefeated in tactical terms as design inspiration, creating a pair of Asics Gel-Lyte v signed a shoe. Shoes made of leather, black toe cap with orange heels and matching grey midsole with a splash-ink details. The Undefeated x False Flag Asics Gel-Lyte v will be officially sold at the end of this week. Recently launched Puma Marble Pack of two versions of the series from black and white XT2 Plus with a Blaze of Glory, and shoes using high quality leather to create, complete with marble details. Puma Marble  dkny heels ireland  Pack will soon visit Suppa specified stores. In 2015, after carved White/Metallic Silver Air Jordan 5 real spy photos exposed again, this new complex Air Jordan 5 will continue her classic look, white shoes with black details with 3M reflective tongue. Crystal bottoms from previous transparent appears more than once in recent years replaced the Blue Crystal soles. It is reported that White/Metallic Silver Air Jordan 5 will go on sale in spring 2014, black Air Jordan 1 will return the first year, but this time it was way low.

Barca coach Enrique team has officially announced the game's 16-man squad. It is reported that sidelined for 40 days of small baiyiniesita made it into the squad this time, but teams have as many as 10 first-team players rested which frontcourt combination of MSN does not appear in the game's cheap dkny handbags   roster. 1-3 lost to Barcelona in the Spanish League match with Real Madrid, Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta in the brain and leg suffered his injury concerns of the soleus, and ever since then, the small white not played one game for the team. 40 days after the injury, Enrique putting white in the King's Cup tournament Squad, Iniesta could play in this game makes its debut. Because of Barcelona in the King's Cup against rivals Vieska strength is limited, so Enrique decided within 10More than first-team players rested. Several players including Bravo, Daniel Alves, Gerard pique, and Alba, Mascherano, Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Messi, neymar and Luis Suarez. In addition, Enrique and four players of the FC Barcelona b team to a 116-man squad. 

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