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Emphasizing his words did say after the fire, but he did it because he loved the Blues deep love, may I have some fire. We all know how much I love the Club, I think the Club increased, I wish in the future to be part of the Club, that everyone knows. After 3 weeks, Chelsea home this Saturday against West Bromwich Albion. Chelsea fans before the game pulled the banner if you want atmosphere, let us stand up, Mourinho hit back and forth the criticism. Fans say, Chelsea West Brom battle, dkny bags ireland     blues fans created a huge wave of infinite power was sent to the team. Jose Mourinho's men were encouraged by Diego Costa and Azar each scored a goal, Chelsea beat rivals 2-0, opening 12 rounds undefeated, to continue in the League lead. Infection of the passion of the fans to the mussina, furuan has been tough for him to reassure fans, the atmosphere has been greatly improved, and I don't want to make the comparison. I don't want to talk about the atmosphere of the topic, in terms of good or bad aspects. Fans buy tickets is to win, not to being criticized, I let me talk about two weeks ago, apologize, change of atmosphere is evident. In Sturridge Hugh days, Rogers had no choice but to continue to rely on Mario Balotelli. However, God has no improvement, has so far failed to gain the Premiership debut goal. Rogers repeatedly defending Italy, and this attitude led to many of the core backbone of discontent.

World's leading sports brand PUMA officially joined forces with international superstar Rihanna, Rihanna, the two sides embarked on a long-term relationship of cooperation since January 2015. Rihanna will be the PUMA in 2015, global Ambassador for upcoming women's training series, as well as the Creative Director of PUMA women's products, her unique sensitivity and creativity into products of fashion design. Rihanna has been in front of a screen full of energy and creativity  dkny handbags ireland  on and off stage, the PUMA brand perfectly. In this partnership, Rihanna will be PUMA spokesman for upcoming women's training series. Fans were can looks forward to PUMA and Bud Hana cooperation by impact out of Sparks, both will common with innovation, and ahead of and jumped de General of way for interpretation, all clothing and shoes of design inspiration are will into bud Hana I of charm and she on sports and fashion of love, in PUMA of full support Xia put himself on trend of interpretation and creative in movement field played to extreme. Rihanna also serves as Creative Director of PUMA women's training series, PUMA products and creative teams work together to jointly build 2015 product series. All products in this series are designed to inspire women through training and other exercises, to have more confidence in themselves.




Allegri also two find ways to crack against the Bianconeri. To put it bluntly, is the sleeping to find ideal escorts, specific to the details, is to enrich Marchisio tactical tasks. Mascherano was not Davis as the Bulldog midfield interception capability but also first-class, it is likened to Juve's lung, but the footwork, in midfield and in coordination and ability to score Italy internationals not Netherlands under the legend, it is this universal characteristic, Allegri's tactical adjustment possible. 352 system, Juventus take advantage, even if pogba, Dahl and Claudio Marchisio often plug, Pirlo can be effectively protected. 4312 system is different, while fullbacks forward and midfield player, defensive ability and generally sit on the road, sleeping, basically unprotected once conceded or subjected to double-team, tend to become each other's back to start. To avoid this situation, embarrassing Uncle arrange Marchisio playing midfield position for the left midfield on the right side, as a result, midfield can form PI-Ma Dual cores, that can enrich the level of offense, routines, while Javier Mascherano's defensive capabilities and Pirlo formed the effective protection of the road. 

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Assume the task of blocking each other's long ball and completed as soon as possible. Attack aspects, is located in chungu Mwila sides of will is melon forest and Kuzmanovic, two people are is body more intrepid, and has perfect struggle spirit of players, Mancini needs they is responsible for assist sidewalks defensive, because sides of Bian Weichang friends Yow are and the more are is attack strong Yu keep, while, melon forest or will timely Qian plug, even and Kovacic for bit, played rear attack of focus characters. Think of the La Gazzetta dello Sport, inter 4312 may even turn false nine formations, meaning that Palacio and Icardi to wings, tore open the defense space, Kovacic forward play winning role. Meanwhile, in attack turns 4231, Kuzmanovic retreated with chungu Mwila to form two-lumbar, Icardi single arrow that GUA Lin, Kovacic and Palacio appeared behind him. Three weeks ago, after Chelsea beat QPR 2-1, Mourinho has complained that the home fans passionate enough, lacking a good atmosphere at Stamford Bridge. Blues at home for another game this weekend, Jose Mourinho's team beat West Brom 2-0, continues to lead in the Premier League. Madman said after the race, the atmosphere a lot better at home, he again apologized to the fans. November 1, the Blues ' win over QPR After the game, Mourinho criticized the home crowd support, saying the blues like a barnyard game. A criminologist, anecdotal  dkny shoes ireland   controversy. Calm down, lunatics quickly apologized.

White as main colours, shoes Flyknit of mint green, red, blue, and other colors, with grass-green and orange embroidered swoosh, Mammy two shoes, Hyperfuse part also presents the different motifs. Nike Air Foamposite One shoes continued exposure to new versions, metallic silver foamposite shoes specular effect, accompanied by black Nubuck shoes, eyes, tongue and collar, lined with decorative lace backed up by little blue, paired with icy blue outsole. Christmas 1992, Michael Jordan wore Cardinal tone Air Jordan 7 scored 42 points and helped the bulls win over the Knicks, Jordan Brand today to battle and combat boots as inspiration, formally submitted to the 2014 series of Christmas shoes. New Christmas series contain Jordan Melo M11 item no 718450-125, Jordan CP3. Jordan VIII number 718448-625 and Super.Fly 33, shoe color are derived from Cardinal AJ7 and mix again, number identification was also a mainstay of the insole AJ7 design.

But I also insist that, at present, we are still unable to match those profound and stable operation of the traditional clubs. For Mourinho of this repeatedly comments, scored network will its interpretation for, Chelsea coach apparently is feel, only real Madrid, and Barcelona such of traditional Giants  dkny clothing ireland only will from financial fair competition policy in the benefit, and like Manchester City, and Paris Saint-Germain such of upstart, natural on will became Europe AFC combat object, but Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain is no approach, if wants to short-term within made huge success on must relies on burn money, can so comes is and will against financial fair competition policy. In May, UEFA would punish Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, the two clubs violated financial fair play policy, is punishable by heavy fines of 60 million euros, while the teams be required to cut wages, limits maximum single transaction.

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Mancini then said, at present we don't stare at the standings, I hope that inter finished third at the end of the season, we will pay all efforts to that end. This season Milan duo failed to fight for the Championship, but we still made great achievements in football history, it was two great teams, so the Derby is still attractive. Juventus President Agnelli before once again talked about the calciopoli scandal a few years ago, dissatisfied with inter again took the opportunity to take Juve's champions. Mancini is reluctant to respond, I remember Inter Milan had to answer. These things so long ago, we want to do the present job, but not to get stuck in the past. Inter Milan officials have been responding to this topic a few days ago, so I don't want to talk about now, I just focus on the next game. This week inter President Tohir had come to Italy in Milan, he will visit the site to watch the Derby. Tohir and Mancini were interviewed before the game, Mancini said, and we chatted for about half an hour, my impression of him was very good. We also need to further mutual understanding, but then have the time to do so.  dkny wallets ireland   Tohir President and Inter Milan Football Club with a fervor, this is very important. The first Milan Derby of the season, Mancini's return becomes unpredictable, Mancini as inter prepare 4312 lineup changes a lot, might spot from becoming a virtual or 4231, Kovacic will be given a central role.

Japan Mita sneakers sneakers shop from 2014 to work together again in the holiday period classic sportswear Onitsuka Tiger, and further to X-Caliber again after last year's cooperation as a blueprint, build any new pair of Dried Rose joint style. As its name implies, this pair of shoes inspired by roses, so choose a cool dark red throughout, made of Suede, and designed by Sneakerwolf designs is one bright spot, in addition to carrying a white midsole and rubber outsole. Recent United States singer Rihanna join sports brand PUMA Spotlight serve in women's series, Creative Director, and a few days ago, she had an interview with WWD, talking about his interest in fashion design. According to Rihanna says she enjoyed the design process, and between himself and PUMA will wipe out the kind of sparks is looking forward to. In addition, Rihanna has revealed plans to announce new album in an interview, but at present no firm launch date.

First, teams chassis more solid, back court defence was strengthened, without worrying about the opponent through the Middle fatal breakthrough. Again, State frontcourt players in the collective, including Andrea Pirlo picked up bed and played a full 90 minutes for two consecutive games, the Turin Derby is to produce 110 ball +91Times passed of high light data, and contribution winner scored, dkny boots ireland  no worries of pogba, also to let go plug Shang participation attack, continuous more field game high standard played, special dimension Republika and slightly LUN special more is repeatedly broke scored, and Marchisio scored number although no growth, can tactical status is has obviously upgrade, if modified kicked playmaker of Bidal can as soon as possible adapted new role, tert-of this a variable enrollment, effect will tends to perfect. Of course, teams can be replicated on Lippi's reign in the Champions League glory, is hard to say at the moment, but Andrea Pirlo's return, is indeed a big Bianconeri and Allegri's blessing. Barcelona will be in the King's Cup against Tevez. Spain media sports news of the world, before the match. 

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Larger defensive injuries, making Inzaghi is determined to 433-4231 or modified 4411, to give possession of the ball, and look forward to a quick counterattack the enemy. As for Inzaghi, ready to produce two major variables in the Derby, starting with Nigel de Jong and Abarth confirmed absentees, followed by Walter mazzarri a fortnight, making for less handsome, not only in terms of personnel arrangements are restricted, originally tactical studies for inter need to reinvent the wheel, can be said to advance the video completely in vain. Although Mancini's tactical thinking more clearly, but combined with the inter squad will be what kind of effect is not clear. Apart from Nigel de Jong and Abarth, Brazil Defender Alex will be absent because of injury, Keisuke Honda because of continuous battle exhaustion, first, most likely as a substitute. Therefore, shuai will be 433-4231, in order to maximize the power of the Milan squad. The match, Inzaghi will focus on the defensive end, Daniele bonera and abate as well as Alex's absence, makes the Milan defense initiative when Inzaghi will make Lamy town right gate, Centre-back using a combination of Zapata and Philippe mexes. Winger Bonaventura and Chaaraoui on both sides will be given a strong defensive duties, 4231 formation becomes 4411 to a large extent, Muntari and Essien as dual-lumbar, appear in the position of attacking midfielder Manor will be given greater freedom, think of the La Gazzetta dello Sport, due to the 3 other frontcourt players will be subject to more rigorous on defense.

Asics hand in hand the United States well-known signs False Flag in Undefeated in tactical terms as design inspiration, creating a pair of Asics Gel-Lyte v signed a shoe. Shoes made of leather, black toe cap with orange heels and matching grey midsole with a splash-ink details. The Undefeated x False Flag Asics Gel-Lyte v will be officially sold at the end of this week. Recently launched Puma Marble Pack of two versions of the series from black and white XT2 Plus with a Blaze of Glory, and shoes using high quality leather to create, complete with marble details. Puma Marble  dkny heels ireland  Pack will soon visit Suppa specified stores. In 2015, after carved White/Metallic Silver Air Jordan 5 real spy photos exposed again, this new complex Air Jordan 5 will continue her classic look, white shoes with black details with 3M reflective tongue. Crystal bottoms from previous transparent appears more than once in recent years replaced the Blue Crystal soles. It is reported that White/Metallic Silver Air Jordan 5 will go on sale in spring 2014, black Air Jordan 1 will return the first year, but this time it was way low.

Barca coach Enrique team has officially announced the game's 16-man squad. It is reported that sidelined for 40 days of small baiyiniesita made it into the squad this time, but teams have as many as 10 first-team players rested which frontcourt combination of MSN does not appear in the game's cheap dkny handbags   roster. 1-3 lost to Barcelona in the Spanish League match with Real Madrid, Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta in the brain and leg suffered his injury concerns of the soleus, and ever since then, the small white not played one game for the team. 40 days after the injury, Enrique putting white in the King's Cup tournament Squad, Iniesta could play in this game makes its debut. Because of Barcelona in the King's Cup against rivals Vieska strength is limited, so Enrique decided within 10More than first-team players rested. Several players including Bravo, Daniel Alves, Gerard pique, and Alba, Mascherano, Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Messi, neymar and Luis Suarez. In addition, Enrique and four players of the FC Barcelona b team to a 116-man squad. 

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Old Paris will play a slightly larger space. Inzaghi could rest assured that give possession to Inter Milan, asked Milan and terse response the enemy at high speed, expect in such a way to give full play to the characteristics of the current players, although it does not meet the requirements of beautiful football Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi, but as long as they can bring victory, believes Benitez will also be very happy. 4 people defense, 3 people midfielder barrier, pure Organization core plus double arrow, this is Mancini to inter brings of changes, Mancini looks forward to players were show out agile of mind and tactical executive force, requirements three article line Zhijian as to compression, reduced other can using of space, attack requirements with most concise of passing conveying to most has threat of points, full upgrade team of attack speed. Kovacic was Mancini placed hopes, the former of SAMP and the Lazio core without stingy to will himself of small skills taught to Croatia demon star, requirements he in location Qian moved of while, as more fast directly to processing ball, necessary Shi also to timely back withdrawal to final strengthened defensive, Milan sports reported think, de than war is has may became horse special aokewaqiqi of name of upper of war. As Inzaghi likely will let Manor as attacking midfielder, Roberto Mancini's men getting fit back of France internationals chungu Mwila starting midfield as drag, is responsible for defence, and his old coach of inter and Manchester City to give Patrick Vieira and Kolo Toure's position is such, he will be better than the other central midfielder retreated 3 to 4 meters.

Farewell to a solid color, Nike launched the real wild breath serpentine Air Python. Shoe selection between initial snake scales and SP  dkny flats ireland version of snake decorating material, white laces, lining, midsole and rubber outsole, Bulls color Nike Air Pippen 6 exposed fresh real photos, snake-effect leather made shoes White leather with black details mix Red Bull and the electroplated metallic details, supplemented at the end of gray ink. Nike released a brand new fluorescent colors Air Foamposite Pro, pure-tone details of shining shoes with a little black dot, WNBA MVP player Maya Moore is considering a charity auction of Air Jordan PE, but has yet to decide on which one, via Twitter asking fans to think. From her photo as you can see, candidate shoes are derived from the past two seasons, every pair of shoes you include her autograph. As today's trends, What The debut of Kobe 9 should be only a matter of time, which recently revealed a new online color scheme is very likely What is new Member of The Kobe shoes.

UEFA's financial fair play policy is reasonable. At least it seems to Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho, the answer is clearly NO. He stated a few days ago, financial fair play policy will only attack those upstarts, while traditional clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona are the beneficiaries. Mourinho said: in my view, fiscal and competition policy is in fact very contradictory, only all of the teams are in the exact same circumstances, compete with each other in order to achieve a real sense  victoria secret swimwear uk  of fairness. Actually protect the long-term financial framework, this policy can only be perfect, business is good, and implication full giants. For many new clubs, these newly invest heavily in the team there is no way to elevate its overall strength, so as to be able to equate with traditional clubs, but often times, the team's new owners are unable to immediately control all things Club. Mourinho also has stressed in Chelsea, for example, we are not a great history of the century-old clubs, but is also not just change your boss's nouveau riche, Chelsea has 10Years have not changed the boss. 

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